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Mottey's Garage 337
January 04, 2019 05:56 AM PST
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buzzcocks / medley

the hentchmen / straight up

100 flowers / motorboat to hell

the pinheads / not like you

the vox jaguars / good as gone

my mama told me / the adventurers

Johnny Casino's Easy Action / i gotta woman

oblivian / call the police

beavers / let her go

archie and the bunkers / suicide

the marked men / like robots

the marked men / nothings changed

the heartburns / monday morning fever

thee hugs / i know where you live

radiaors from space / tv screen

the monsters / when i grown up

the lions rampant / cigarettes and gin

68 comeback / my babe

the havox / how much more

he blue carpet band / no cadillac

sonic reverends / a bone to pick with you

the gories / give me some money

fryd chicken / (i want your ) head

crawdaddys / i m moving on

hank woods and the hammerheads / its loney in this world

young jessie / my country cousin

ronnie dawson / jump and run

the a-bones / luci baines

shiii whaaa / who knew

institue / prissy things

naked beast / remote viewers

the normals / yankee dollar

yo la tengo / suspect device

the suburban homes / barbie and ken

the love club / slipslideskinnywide

buzzcocks / every fallen in love

Mottey's Christmas 2018
December 21, 2018 05:51 PM PST
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Christmas songs...thanjs for a good year

Mottey's Garage 335
November 29, 2018 09:20 AM PST
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crap: I Love crap

immortal lee county killers / revolution summer

the stat!t / hiding in the shed

the entbl / rocker

the living end / 10:15 saturday night

ty segal / the loner

problem child / platform

obits / i cant loose

cheater slicks / refried beans

pennymart / snacks

th dixxx / in your face

devious ones / trouble seems to find me

burning peppermints / a ghost named milk

sports bar / never coming home

dark webb / alien vacation

oeter zaremba and Paul Johnson / cross the walker

the cramps / bikini girls with machine guns

th losing streak /ordr of the day

archie and the bunkers / problem child / sick of this an that

jacques le coque / only want to r n r /no worries / roller girl

john wesley coleman / fighting a room

the prissteens / are you ready

charlie foxtrot / cut the line

miesha and the spanks / be alright

tim timebomb / in th city

armitage shanks / 1977

gino and the goons / dont wanna work today

puke spit and guts / keep slashing your wrists

phone jerks / go go somestack lighting

sore points / breakdown

laurie marshall / when christy comes around

ramones / go mental

digger and the pussycats / what you say what you do

the leaving trains / diggin you

brimestone howl / shngri la

nipple erectors / so pissed off

Mottey's Garage 334
November 15, 2018 07:29 AM PST
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Bunch of Stuff Today


buddy Holly / rip it up

groupies / I'm a hog for ya baby

the lonesome billies / God Dmn it bill

tav flco's panther burns / red headed woman

jon spencer / i got the hits

husku du / books abut ufo's

the screws / shake it baby

hasil adkins / shake that thing

robert nighthawk / someday

Ruler / jeanie jeanie jeanie

Ruler / (its not) saturday night

errol flynn / lily of laguna

not sensibles / i'm in love with margarot thacher

laughin nose / crash street kids rock n roll

fyrd chucken / pizza-beer

los chicos / how you like it

the exbats / jamie

dexter romweber duo / heart of stone

phone jerks / town where nobody lives

drunk mums / urban cowboy

shady and the vamp / down at joe's best power food

the cool jerks / skip a beat

the quickies / i wear glasses

bubble boys / need a lover

jhnny mafia / crystal clear

the skids / kings of the new frontier

bottle ups / ambush

ditches / under the sun

wild zeros / bare facts

rhoda lits / change

puppy and the hand job / tash rock n roll

royal dog / thingy

generation suicide / talk trash

the barking irons / oh yeah right

trash monkeys / clairvoyant houswife

television personalities / look back in anger

brother brother / must be blind

yak / white male carnivore

reverend beat man / i'm not gonna tell ya

Mottey's Garage 333
November 07, 2018 06:20 PM PST
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gino and the goons/she was crushed

gino and the goons / early retirement

phone jerks / get jerked

phone jerks / revolution

the control freaks / i hate your face

the contro freaks /mhatelist

pychotic youth / johnny too bad

rocket 808 / mystery train

the bitty / something else

the bitty / what do i get

puppy and the hand jobs / i eat abortions

the dirtiest / macaroni

the faboous fairies / motorhead

sick thoughts / headache

tommie and the commies / straight jacket

the mark vodka group / everyones punk again

sports bar / never coming home

the exbats / i got fights

eye jammy / crooked letta youth

beach gons / hrsb

ditches / loosing touch

reiz / erfog

mad macka & panh andler /dead man

los chicos / church of los chicos

reverend horton heat / whole new life

wilmer x /motorbike drivin

the mings / do the ming the mings

Drunk Mums / RWTP


vegan doughnuts / top nachos

monitor shocks quickblooded walter lure and the waldos / crazy kids

johnny thunders let go /thunderstorm in detroit/emastered

the cannibals / nadine

hakan /tv mood /hangover girl 2

crimps crimps/ demo nyc

deathcats / saturday night golden retriever

mott the hoople /keep a knockin

x /breathless

didjits /lucille hey judster

jerry lee lewis /real wild child

supercarger/ cindy lou

Mottey's Garage 332
August 19, 2018 04:45 AM PDT
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brimstone howl visceral teen rock
MC5 I can only give you everything
dean carter jailhouse rock

brimstone howl visceral teen rock
the cavemen thug
the 409 they say
rock n roll soldiers lay down and die
wild zeros damage your health

gaza strippers yin yan and the flowerpot men
carbonas 3 days away
louis ligg and the bombs / sheena is to old
jonesy hate me
the amplifetes whizz kid
t rex country

winstons without you
the bonnevilles by my side
howlin wolf i have a little girl
porch ghouls bluff ciy ruckus

reverend beatman/ I'm not gonna tell ya
them / dont start crying now
the cannibals / light buld blues
rik & the pigs / dont tell on me
Los Plantronics / sheena is a punk rocker

bubble boys / need a lover
love story in blood / write a hapy ending
ricky hamilton / queen city
violence creeps / sex dwarf
bass drum of death / everythings the same

pist idiots / booze blues
the gunflowers / melancholy dog
black mambas / moderation
surf bored / black and blue
mc viper / now i want to be with you

the white wires / let it go
melanie / collide
boys order /now is the time

carbon silicon / original mixed up kid

Mottey's Garage 331
August 01, 2018 02:55 PM PDT
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the pitchafits! So Down THE PITCHAFITS!!
the rich hands So What (Bonus Track) Take Care
bad boyfriends cut in line Songs Yer Mom Taught Us

pale kids st. theresa Hesitater ep
New Rocket Union Get Down
STATICS My Best Friend Punk Rock and Roll

The Crazy Squeeze Twisted Little Secrets
the cramps 2 headed sex change look mom no head
Crazy & The Brains Sweet Jane The Summer Soiree Mixtape

Gonzo Glitch Gonzo By Gonzo
68 comeback My Babe love always wins

switchblade Justice punk rock show
revlons the way (you touched my hand)
rancid adina rancid 93

pist idiots dirts day off pist idiots
buck biloxi and the fucks rock n roll sucks part 2
the mojomatics right or weong songs for faraway lovers

The Spookies sorry babe i fell sleep
thee shams get out of my life woman take off
thd ills gore hound

mighty boys b.u.t.f. timely remonders

radiohearts daytime man ep
bbqt lets go lets go
miesha and the spanks witch hunt girls girls girls
L'Assassins fire of love

the raydios teachers pet Secret Mission Records
clown sounds daddy looks frightened preacher maker

bad hoo mstery tugs two tin cans and a lollipop
heavy times bad brother Black Sunglasses EP
shitbox jimmy kate deliverance Nov 2013
cuz somers sit and stare sit and stare ep
the street cleaners garbage city

spike vincent faded
diana radar / sex sells
devo the day my baby gave me a surprise

nerve beats drakka 1960 art history
the glucks why do i love you Run Amo

the old neighborhood three story building (single)
the unholy preachers gone daddy gone FuckinĀ“Amen Baby III
rock n roll adventure kids yee ha hpt fudge sunday
nervebreakers girl girls girls

the professionals 123

Mottey's Garage 330
July 13, 2018 05:58 PM PDT
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two hours of Fun

the feelies fa ce la

flemmings fellow humans

downtown boys lips that bite

meisha and the spanks be alright

baby giant canadarn

the queers teenage lobotom

washed up kids jimmy two times

los vvs be mine

ron gallo real nice guys

the hotrat qeen bitch turn ons

josh lippi & the overtimers something new

davilia 666 hanging on the telephone

the lupines leaving here mountain of love

the exbats i was in your video i got the hots for charlie watts

simply saucer illegal bodies cyborg revisted

bo diddley i love her so

the black lips & the khan family too much in love

zorton and the cannibals youre going away unfavorable offerings

trashcat talk to me ok,so

today'shit loves just a word today'shit lp

the morbeats love u want u fuck u The Great Songs Of The Morbeats

the raging nathans circling the drain cheap fame

the cowboys the look on your face volume 4

the whips hot tone City Wide Special

danny cleaver bored of everything -trapped nerve

the buzzards high class

the cavemen Janey

cheap tissue apeman

gino and the goons black leather blue denim

the sentiments drive you home

ghali blood archade

the dismals circed thoughts

jaded juice riders mr psycho Bowl Cut

ekman & owen new orleans to helsinki

joni ekman & koira maantiekitaja

wod top 5 I'm gonna tell everyone we slept together, even if we didn't

the spokie sorry baby i feel asleep

Mottey's Garage Friday Night Glam Show 329
June 10, 2018 03:54 PM PDT
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What better way to start the summer of than with a GLAM ROCK Show....kind of

Friday Night Glam Shop

the replacements / fox on the run
the sweet / ballroom blitz
jeff dhl / little willie
naked raygun / twentieth century boy

eater / Jeepster
the shazam / helen wheels
the damned / anything
ace frehley / new york groove
the cry / discoteque
Material Issue / blockbuster

me first and the gimme gimmies / rocket man
iggy op / i'm bored
angel / little boy blue
mick ronson / white light white heat
new york dolls / subway trains
ty segal / buick mackane

mott the hoople / the golden age of rock n roll
mott the hoople / sweet jane
yo la tango / dreaming
red kross / dancing queen
sonic youth / ca plane pour moi
the pukes / jet boy jet girl

BBQT / play rock n roll
joan jett / nag
suzi quatro / race is on
gore gore girls / man and a donkey
the dollyrots / bran new key
juliette seizure & the tremor dolls / hotdog
fastbacks / hit or miss
the sirens / 123 rock n roll

the weirdos / happy people
ash / everybodys happy nowadays
glow kit / do you really
cockney rejects / blockbuster
999 / homicide
sweet / rebel rouser

davi bowie / where have all the good times gone

Mottey's Garage 328
May 29, 2018 09:37 AM PDT
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Anothr lost episode becaus I 'm a lazy poster......here' to trying to keep up

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