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Mottey's Garage 347
July 20, 2019 06:11 AM PDT
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Garage Punk Glam Rock Show

damn, where the hell did I put the playlist

Mottey's Garage 346
July 10, 2019 06:02 AM PDT
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the piggies she ran away
something to chew on

jack Oblivian Scarla
lost weekend

teenage Mortgage falling down

the Cretins havent got a clue

Big Bobby And The Nightcaps

the Jackets Dreamer

the turbo A C black Listick

BBQT Savage

Glue Factory THe Indestructible Tom Crean

Amyl and the Sniffers / some Muttsmelbourne

Lucy and the Rats / stick to you

Lucy and the rts / true romance

the Brickbats / sleestacks

!vamous! stab

the atom age / walk through walls

the noble savages / she wants to get laid
Get Yourself Free: The Demos

the highmarts / run run run

i want you bad ep / third rail

alvie and the breakfast pigs / low lovin woman

alvie and the breakfast pigs

LOS VVS/ fancy car

Bat! / devil woman from outer space

Rezurex and Stellar Corpses
cool masks!

these attacks / baby baby

king brothers / Odorushikabane /

teenage head / youre tearing me apart

Guitar wolf / australopithecus

baked goods / beach shirt

the total rejection / Slip It To Me

johnny skullknuckles and the kopek millionaires / sometimes(love isnt enogh)

swampmeat brand / new cadillac

the high curbs little did i know

the dry retch / you dont want my name

A Kick In The Gulags / The Dry Retch

the mature themes / go getter

the night beats / its all right

super6 punkrock ist kein hobby
punk roc is kein hobby

sloppy seconds i wont grow up

PCT musique TheSlums / wake n bake

the vicious cycles / brother ray

mickey hawks & night riders / screamin mimi jeanie

heartless bastards / gray

Motteys Garage 345
June 29, 2019 05:09 AM PDT
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jacques le coque / aint no fun / jacques le coque

louder than death / snot queen / stop und fick dich

concrete city / anumal blues / animal blues

the seeds / cant seem to make you mine /

pop o pies / i love new york / pop o anthology

the painkillers / only one thing

jack oblivian / sweet thang / lost weekend

the cryin out louds / bloodhound

the raconteurs / borded and raed / help us stranger

xs discharge / lifted / ha!ha! funny polis

pussycat and the dirty johnsons / pain / kafadan kontak

the heartburns / just wana be dead

the cactus blossums / lost john dean / cactus blossums

nick nuisance & the delinquents / talk to no one

groovie ghoulies / lets do it again / go! stories

the closet fairies / cssandra

the wild goners / hey baby / wham bam jam

defiant pose / fight /

Apollo 66 / sitcom USA /Primitive Garage Punk Trash Rock 'N' Roll

Creechers / get with you

garbage bags / straight to hell / kafadan comp

the humpers / 19th nervous beakdown / war is hell

the kidney flowers / everytime you come

the survivalist / into the brew

thee attacks / baby baby / strikes back

jo boot and the fabulous winds / rock n roll radio /sci fi lo fi

rex garvi / oh yeah / talkin trash lookey dookey

reptilians from andromeda / stan ofr fall / kafadan comp

the laisse fairs / redundent beach

champ bless this life DEMO /kansas

the devil dogs / I m gonna make you mine / devil hits

the hentchmen / straight up/three times infinity

the skids / hurry on boys / peaceful times

the drippers / bottled blues / action rock

mean jeans / party line / fat wreck chords

black addidas be cool / l,a,

u.k. subs / season of the witch /subversions 2

Mottey's Garage 344
June 04, 2019 07:58 PM PDT
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bill allen and the backbeats / please give me somthing

platinum boys / born on the bayou

toxic reasons / war hero

amyl and the sniffers / gacked on anger

amyl and the sniffers / angel

the gizmos rock n roll / dont come from new york

jerry lee lewis / baby baby bye bye

the night beats / jenny jenny

nashville teens / tobacco road

johnny skullknuckles and the kopek millionaires / amphetamine blue

johnny skullknuckles and the kopek millionaires / over you

bat! / villian /

klingonz spiderman / way back home

the yardbirds / goodmorning little schoolgirl

mouse and the traps /lie beg borrow and steal

the real boys / outta place in the human race

abolitionist /dogs / ugly feeling

gino and the goon / lay with me

the spoon dogs /my judas

M.o.t.o./ shitty kids not now no way

the exbats / i got the fights

the prositutes / cheap highs

the creation / how does it feel

jack oblivian and the dream killers / gun jail

the locomotions tell her / grandfusil

jack oblivian and the dream killers / cigarillo

girl werewolf / girl gang

devious ones / eyes off you

hollywood brats / l need you

pink fairies / do it

jook / Oo Oo Rudi

the dry Retch / fresh rag

los bonobos / when i saw his face

the mirrors / hands in my pockets

giggly boys / dead again /

Mottey's Garage 343
March 31, 2019 10:02 AM PDT
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Recorded a while back, have a bunch more unposted that my lazy ass has to start posting

thee cat burglar personality crisis
firebirds sugar shack a gogo
wood chickens third eye blues

sonic death home punk fuken hits 2011-2017
parquet courts tody we love tomorrow the world
ramones cover from new york
The Spikeweed - I Love The Girl who loves The Ramones
work unit day job

Screaming Lord Sutch cause i love you
wild zeros i cn only give you everyhing
cold leather past remedy past remedy
lovin scoundrels baby
fuck yeah dinosaurs tar pit
straight arrows franchise
the dirtbombs i started a joke
the hex dspensers gates of steel winchester mystery house

uk sub roadrunner subversions
the 5 6 7 8 s hey hy ha ha my summer love japanese girl
the apers here comes the summer
a-Bones come on come on music minus five
american breakfast asscube
dave edmunds bad is bad
chinese millionaires stupid girl
chupa cabra my girl
ditches under the sun 1000 Elephants ep
gafatape sandy l'appel du vide smart dressed girl

mean jeans (lets go B4 I blow my) brains out
split with HOLLYWOOD
parks recall
sleep eaters ghost on fire
the kirks bulli blues

the legendary tigerman motorcycle boy
puppy and the hand jobs trash rock n roll
the dirtiest cento shot
the mighty jabronis put em in a headlock
prince daddy and the hyena brocker cheddie skip cutscenes!
the unlovables punk rock club,r i p ep

the pagans i cant explain
rat bites runnin on fumes
the prositutes hung by the phone
sad park ragically young / sleepsomewhere down the line
the lazy cowgirls / somewhere down the line
wilmer x motorbike driven / comp called a real cool time

Paul evere and the Raiders / kicks
radio birdmen / new race
steele poole bathtub / paranoid
wood chickens / rollin
the lovely eggs / i shouldnt have said that

Mottey's Garage 342
March 25, 2019 04:35 AM PDT
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Some new and some back to the Garage

the stimulators / loud fast rules
zero boys / living in th 80's
business dudes / vidio man

cannibals / good times
tell tale hearts / it's not me
the crawdaddys / there she goes
shadows of the night / i got my mojo working
hypstry / midnight hour
cheter slicks / my little red book
renegades / thirteen woman
les sexareenos / everybody sexareeno

the crac / just dont sit there
turpentine brothers / all the same
paris street rebels / freakshow

hank haint / blackout
the replaceents / hitching a ride
the sloppy boys / tom collins
golden boys / yeah i wanna know
the creeps / down at the nightclub

pkew pkew pkew / 65 nickles / dont matter at all
urgent matter / so punk

king kahn / crakin up
the delta riggs / all the lil people
weird omen / out of my brain
the vicious cycles / see see rider
cooterfinger / rotten candy

the scaners / please abduct me
the yols / get back
the stoneage hearts / motor away
vegas kings / wait and see

van dammes / risky business
the creetings / waiting room
x / johnny hit and run
powersolo / boom babba do ba dabba

the cramps / bikini girls with machine guns

Mottey's Garage 341 Whizz Kids
February 19, 2019 05:34 PM PST
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A Time To Glam

nancy /me and the boys / Im a celebrity

pale lips im a witch / after dark

drakulas / neon town

Andy Cameron / I want to be a Punk Rocker

The Kids /This is Rock n Roll

department s /solid gold easy action

frut / snatch and grab

peter noon / oh you pretty face

slick! / coming down

Modernettes / Barbra

The Cowboys / Pie In My Eye / wet Behind the Eyes

Leyton Buzzards / We Make a Noise

The Wedding Present / Pleasant Valley Sunday

Vice Squad / Teenage Rampage

Sweet / Action

Alice Coooper / Clones

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads / you Could Have It

The Richmond Sluts / Yeah Right

Blondie / Rip Her to Shreds

New York Dolls / Great Big Kiss

Twentyith Century Tokyo Princess / Bring you Down

Placebo / 20th Century boy

House of Lilly / Turn Around

Charlie Drake / Super Punk

Generation x / youth youth youth

Bash Bang / S.O.S

Devious Ones / Little Intruders

Mike Krol / An Ambulance

David Bowie / Andy Warhol

The Vibrators / Automatic Lovers

Powersolo / Backstab

Ty Segal / Woodland Rock

Faz Waltz / Looking for a Ghost

The Replacements / Baby Strange

Tiger / The Bomb

Mott The Hoople / Whizz Kid

Mottey's Garage 340
February 11, 2019 01:54 PM PST
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more stuff...mottey63@gmil.com


Snakerattlers / ooga booga
hentchmen / messed up my brain
intellectuals / lover
the mystery lights / follow me home

black boys on mopeds / blind
black diamond heavies / sinnerman
zen guerrilla / the seeker
porch ghouls / bluff city ruckus

john wesley coleman / lazy baby
t model ford / same old train
sonic chicken 4 / like calling up the thunder
the torpedo monkeys / like a bad girl should

black owls / julias morningstar
cherry pickles / elvis exorcist
the underdogs / kings f condescension
wild zeros / teenge lifestyle

lightning hopkins / mojo hand
the bloody hollies / leave that woman alone
the love club / 70's porn couch
rock n roll adventure kids / hot dog

black creek / not for the faint of heart
dm bob and the deficits / mother earth
thundercrack / come and see my friends
the castagnes / talk to me

holly golightly / feel something
sean gospel / occult baby blues
creepseed / lady lady
black pudding / wooden butty

vegas kings / i tried to make you mine
the pitchifits / cats pajamas
the konks / what i came here for

hank williams iii / cocaine blues
bangzz / your boyfriend is really bringing you done
rob zombie / we're an american band
joey ramone / what a wonderful world
mott the hoople / american pie golden age of rock n roll

Mottey's Garage 339
January 31, 2019 06:07 PM PST
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The Cavemen / Lowlife
Johnny Thunders / Get off th Phone
Johnny Cash / Train Of Love
Royal chant / Accidental

Brimestone Howl / Shangri La
Reatards / Out of my head...
Small Faces / hey girl

All Seeing Eyes / Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
Gino and The Goons / Got the Skinny
Internal Credit / Today . alright

Snakerattlers / Snake Rattle and Roll
Deadshit Johnson / Front Bar Fannie
Silvertooth Loos & the Witch / That Ol Swamp
Weird Omen / A Place I want to Know

The Clash / Gates of the West
Crocodylus / Reality
Animals / A girl Named Sandoz
Daddies / Heart
The Drolls /Follow that Dinosaur
The Anomalys / Trooper

Paul Revere and the Raier /I'm not our Stepping Stone
Hood Rats / Off Drugs & Miserable
The Fevers / Love's Getting Better
The Mugwumps / That Heartbeat
Who, Me / My T.V.
Fontaines D.C. / Boys in a Better Land

petty larcenists / getting was good
dog eared / lichen demo
char-man / problem / shipwrecked
cold stero / need a new head / demos

the raws / hala agiz / Duvara Dur Diyen Demir Yumruk
the mistakes / walk tall /
trolls / wish i hd alot to loose / fuck everyone
self help / get on with it / Organic Noise Kitchen

the exbats / herion
the war toys / maybe / parker
radio birdman / aloha steve and dano
the droogettes / tik bar
dark thoughts / i wont say anything

reverend beat man / i ll take care of you

Motteys Garage 338 songs I liked in 2018
January 20, 2019 07:20 PM PST
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218 favs

ruler / its no saturday night
walter lure / crazy kids
miesha and the spanks / be alright
chillers / heretic
ditches / under the sun
marked men / she wont know
mind spiders / outside
haken / king of edone
carbonas / stoned to death
les lullies / meet the man
dark thoughts / hate this song
sore oints / death of me
royal dog / thingy
bubble boys / naked girl
fur dixon / sugar sweet
velvet hands / everyone is dead
charlie foxtrot / plastic
furies / dynamite
BBQT / let's go
the exbats / kill yr boyfriend
soda boys / soda pop band
the cowboys / the look on your face
the mark vodka group / everyones punk now
phone jerks / go go smokestack lightning
fryd chicken / pizza/beer
puppy and the hand jobs / i thin im gay
fuck yeah dinosaurs / tar pt
gino and the goons / got messed up
reiz / erfolg
the cavemen / janey
thee cat burglars / kil kill kill
tommy and the commies / so happy

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