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Mottey's Garage 296
November 02, 2016 01:20 PM PDT
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Here's an episode from a trashcan radio broadcast of 6/10/2016. I ripped it down to 64 quality wise so if anymore wants a better sounding one let me know and Ill upload it to ya...You can hear me live on trash can radio friday at 8 est and tues morning at 7am ( these are friday midnite and 11 am U.K. times)

Mottey's Garage 295
October 30, 2016 06:19 PM PDT
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Kind of Spooky

the cramps i was a teenage werewolf

the cramps drug train

Tyvek girl on a bike Origin of what

the damned disco man

scotdracula o'clock

blotto make an exhibition of you singles

Drakulas Neon Town

Round Robin I'm the Wolf Man

The Dahmers Murder Ride

The Barreracudas Nasty Boots

The Problematics Whiskey

The Hunches Dance Alone

Dead Drugs I'm Fucking Someone else Pillow Talk

Personnel and The Pizza's Joey Quit the Pouch

Brat Kings Coffins

Thigh Master Company

The Rubs Dont Want You Around The Rubs Are Trash

The Sunflowers Charlie Dont Surf

The Cramps Garbageman

The Dickies Eve of Destruction Paranoid


Mottey's Garage 294
October 26, 2016 05:25 AM PDT
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Back with new stuff...and things ..and songs..and..well, back from a great trip from Nashville...crazy tow...good time

bad mojos- deadbeat- passout city

secret bad boys fun fun fun (big Boys) phone it in ep

Archie and the Bunkers- the moon and six pence- mystery lover ep

Zorton and the Criminals- sinking in my love- strange delights lp

kids in heat- gloria Kids-in Heat

Cool Mutants- Mutant Mind- Buzzhog

Low Culture- Wrong Side Of History- Places To Hide

Color TV - Meat Wagon

Drakulas- owowowowowowow

The Men- Crime

Gino and the Goons - Push Your Luck

The Maggies Marshmallows- Monkeyman- The Maggie Marschmallows

Nancy (I'm A ) Man

Movie the Band-27 28 29

The Glucks - Sick City

Paint Fumes-Puddle Of Blood

King Automatic- Les Dalton- Loraine Exotica

James Leg- Hugging the Line- Blood on the Keys

The Air-kaics I'm Free Norton Stones Tribute 45

The Cavemen - I'd Kill to See You Dead - Born to Hate

Mottey's Garage 293
October 22, 2016 02:02 PM PDT
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Here's a episode from trashcanradio.com
find me there friday evening at 7pmest and tue mornings. Great station, download their app. the shows two hours long, a little bit less garagey

Mottey's Garage 292
October 14, 2016 12:19 PM PDT
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tokyo eletron eletrify me (Ryan Rousseau)

intellectuals the girl the cows and the country

the Mouthbreathers Pedestal Rat KIng II

low culture head in a blender places to hide (dirtnap)

smASH up derby little miss t.n.t. Sounds Of Self-Defense

happy diving electric soul unity electric soul unity

james Leg Dogjaw blood on the keys

reverand beat man i see the light
Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol.2

dead biker chicks so this is it

the cavevmen why wont you/ i hate art Born to HATE

gluebag pat the price partially confused cassette

dd owen degenerate

nancy (ME) and the boys I want you bad a nice package

the Pukes Do What Diddy
revenge of the pukes

ladywolf b a jrk 2 u tape

slaughter and the dogs bang a gong vicious

Mutha Lovin chimps bunny

Mottey's Garage 291 Back With More Crap
October 02, 2016 04:49 PM PDT
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Hello, well...been awhile, sorry bout that but had alot of shit going on..so I'm back with some more crap for ya...

Atomic Suplex louie louie

juliette Seizure & the Tremor Dolls

Thee Lolitas Markie Smith

Frankie & jIMMMIE sweet home chicago death letter ep

James Leg blood on The Keys title track

loose Talk Going Down south

Mystery Lights follow me Home The Mystery Lights

Misssissipi John Hurt Stack O"lee

trash Stranglers Pinstripe Willie static Party tribute to the oblivians

Larry Dirty I had a Girl drug Absused

DD Owen Low Life Baby DD Owen ep

LiveFastDie Year of The Debt Collector

Drug Dogs take a walk Nat Dyer
boston..aug b/c

Crocodylus watch Your Back bummed out

Mutha Luving Chimps Bunny Rejected and Ignore

Waylon Thornton and the hands Count Chocula Harum Scarum ep

Clone Defects Rouge River Rebel Lizard boy

Sneaky Pinks I'm a Punk

Bummers Ever I Wanna Die

Ronnie Dawson Jump and Run


Mottey's Garage 290
July 31, 2016 03:10 PM PDT
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just now posting this from a few weeks ago, was on a family trip and had the shittiest internet acces ever..

also apperars on mutation radio

tv crime hooligans

birthday noose mop hog lp noosifer

street sity surf the beach

Leche /I aint got no home / death is coming and i aint got no home s

the bay rays tropicana calling / get together ep

conmen thrill me (kill me ) ep

Mary Bell plain jane

Los VVS tape ep fancy car

the cavemen juvenile delinquent

youth avoiders oil slick

angry angles things are moving

bruce and carl michael and the slipper tree

Mottey's Garage 289
July 10, 2016 11:48 AM PDT
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last weeks realpunkradio.com

Mottey's Garage 288
June 30, 2016 04:31 AM PDT
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Post from this weeks eppy on realpunkradio.com summer always slows things down

Mottey's Garage 287
June 09, 2016 08:20 PM PDT
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from 6/6 realpunkradio.com broadcast...actually had alot of fun recording this ....playlist includes johnny nash, cockney rejects, black creek, thebutts, los vvs and more barrel of monkey fun...

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