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Mottey's Garage 216 More TrashCan
November 16, 2014 12:10 PM PST
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hey..these are two hours long, let me know if this is to long


the heat tape rich man raccoon valley recordings
the adicts you'll never walk alone sound of music
johnny thunders alone in a crowd Que Sera Sera
Los Hories Dead Town whats the time 08 off the hip
the humpers 19th nervous breakdown war is hell
billy childish and ctmf punk rock enough for me
duane eddy cannon ball
the empires lorainne go crazy
johnny cash jackson
roy orbison rockhouse
the teamsters I am the birdman the teamsters mood monkey records
the who doctor doctor rarieties 66-72
the experimental tropic blues band keep this love liquid love
rolling stones hey negrita black and blue
the white stripes one more cup of coffee
john schooley the man who rode the mule around
the horribly wrong blood all over my body cmon and bleed
the mulkey family my homes on higher ground aint no grave gonna hold my body down
nazi death camp its wartime baby the complete mongo punk session
andy star just a walkin lost gold rockabilly vol 3
slade the whole worlds going crazy
cockney rejects blockbuster greatest hits vol ii
the only ones trouble in the world
the vapors jimmy jones
cococoma messenger
girlfriends cave kids cull shorts
rancid collision course honor is all we know
lower class brats belson was a gas never mind the sex pistols
the white wires victoria god save the kinks
gino and the goons i like it like that shake it
ss 20 regular job
swamp rats no friend of mine disco still sucks get hip
the jay jays cruncher
999 homicide
zen guerill the seeker
the replacements white and lazy stink
new bomb turks chip away the stone switchblade tongues
fe fi fo fums my baby got the boom boom rob house rec 7 inch
pure country gold jealous pure country gold
limones negrros baby come back to me
the a lines cant explain you can touch Sympathy For The Record Industry
joey ramone what a wonderful world

Mottey's Garage 215 TrashCan Radio
November 09, 2014 06:12 PM PST
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Trash Can is back and better than ever. Volunteered to do a two hour show every week and here's the first on.

listen here:

or download the app at the app store

trash can 9

figues of light angeline smash hits
yardbirds I aint done no wrong having a rave up
the frights let the kids dance
devo come back jonee are we not men
backstreet girls crazy crazy mama scand. trib to rocky
black diamond heavies poor brown sugar your damn right ep
king kahn cracking up 3 hairs and your mine
the seeburg spotlight band slow down greasy rock n roll 13
little richard tutti frutti
mc5 i can only give you everything the big bang
Jacques Le Coque grow up Jacques Le Coque
Ramones I dont Wanna Grow Up
boyfriends I dont want nobody(I want you) 78 bomp
the Humms LSD is evil the Humms
Rancid everybody's sufferin honor is all we know
Daddy Long Legs motorcycle madness blood from a stone
the monsters blues for Joe Pop up yours
born liars get me home ragged island
the reighning sound I'd much rather be with the boys
black pistol fire alabama coldcock hush or howl
ScotDrakula Shazon
Dave Clark Five all night long
oblivians christina popular favorites
headache city stay by my side we cant have everything nice
marked men fix my brain live in bucine
freddy cannon tallahassee lasse the ep collection
the piggies wanna go to heaven
the 4 slicks loose lucy 08
little richard lucille
the pignose willys who's calling you baby baby the best of the hidout volume 10
the yowl i do wrong garagepunk hideout vol 10
reruns so so alone
ramrods nothin goin down at all gimmie some action detroit
the feelies eve of destruction
the mad hatters i need love
sweet babby baby baby baby baby its a girl
menace i need nothing 78
mott the hoople death may be your santa claus brain capers
alan vega outlaw collision drive
generation x wild youth
joe strummer trash city I'm Dave

Motteys Garage 214 As Promised....Mott the Hoople and Tim
October 21, 2014 08:02 PM PDT
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Doing alot of thinking bout the loss of Tim Pop...we talked forever bout a Mott show...Here it is did good...thanks

Motteys Garage 213 Monkee Business
October 08, 2014 07:17 PM PDT
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mONKEe business

Mottt the Hoople The Moon Upstairs Brain Capers
Alice Cooper Be My Lover Killer

The Blitz You Got What You Want
The Booked Holidays in the Sun Never Mind The Sex Pistols
Aborted Tortoise Better off Dead Demo

Angry Dead Pirate have a Dream Garage Music for Mind and Body
The High School Rockers I Love Anna Kourakona
Girlfriends The Day I Was A Horse Cull Shorts

Gino and the Goons Get the Skinny Shake It
The Problematics Whiskey Ripp Off Records Singles
So Cow Sugar Factory The Long Con
Broncho Record Store Cant Get Past The Lips

The Clocks Time is on my Side
White Reaper Funn White Reaper
The Tragics Mommy I'm a Misfit
The Men Different Days Tommorrow Hits
Shonen Knife Daydream Believer
Wedding Present Pleasant Valley Sunday

Monkees I'm a Believer

Motteys Garage 212 GaragePunk Pirate Radio
October 01, 2014 05:15 PM PDT
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Motteys GaragePunk 43

Chuck Berry Come On
Brian Jonestown Massacre Oh Lord
Different Skeletons Devils
Conmen Nothing to Do
Oblivians Christine
Mujeres Summer Fun
The Naysayers Nothing But Change
The Black Hollies Rumbling Through My Mind
Mumbling Cavemen On My Mind
The Frights Kids
Deathfrights She Makes Me
The Humpers Baby 89
The Clash janie Janes
The Mullens Drug Test
The Hard Feelings Jukebox Padlock
Ming City Rockers Get Outta Your head
Van Morrison If You And I Could Be As Two

Motteys Garage 211 More Trash
September 25, 2014 08:14 PM PDT
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Another show recorded for Trash Can Radio...with a re-introduction on Sept 28.....cant wait.....and look...a playlist

Nancy sinatra these boots are made for walking
charlie and the moonhearts -walla walla washington
replacements -20th centurt boys
jack white just one drink
mojomatics unfortunitely
the monsieurs -rock the night
adrian lloys lorna
banshees project blue
boris the sprinkler kill the ramones
daddy long legs death train blues'
steve alaimo she's my baby
ersel hickey going down the road
kid thomas wail baby wail
radio birdman new race
the ranger sound ricordami
backyard babies one track mind
swamp rats pyscho
the muffs take a take a me
the black keys gotta get away
dave edmunds i hear you knocking
lupines ohio

Motteys Garage TrashCan 210
September 13, 2014 03:51 AM PDT
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More Garabe...more for Trash Can Radio rebirth Sept 28

Mottey's Trash Can 209
August 30, 2014 03:59 PM PDT
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from the trash

Mottey's Trash Can 208
August 18, 2014 05:26 AM PDT
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Mottey's Garage 207
August 12, 2014 06:50 AM PDT
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I'Ll get to it

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