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Mottey's Garage Friday Night Glam Show 329
June 10, 2018 03:54 PM PDT
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What better way to start the summer of than with a GLAM ROCK Show....kind of

Friday Night Glam Shop

the replacements / fox on the run
the sweet / ballroom blitz
jeff dhl / little willie
naked raygun / twentieth century boy

eater / Jeepster
the shazam / helen wheels
the damned / anything
ace frehley / new york groove
the cry / discoteque
Material Issue / blockbuster

me first and the gimme gimmies / rocket man
iggy op / i'm bored
angel / little boy blue
mick ronson / white light white heat
new york dolls / subway trains
ty segal / buick mackane

mott the hoople / the golden age of rock n roll
mott the hoople / sweet jane
yo la tango / dreaming
red kross / dancing queen
sonic youth / ca plane pour moi
the pukes / jet boy jet girl

BBQT / play rock n roll
joan jett / nag
suzi quatro / race is on
gore gore girls / man and a donkey
the dollyrots / bran new key
juliette seizure & the tremor dolls / hotdog
fastbacks / hit or miss
the sirens / 123 rock n roll

the weirdos / happy people
ash / everybodys happy nowadays
glow kit / do you really
cockney rejects / blockbuster
999 / homicide
sweet / rebel rouser

davi bowie / where have all the good times gone

Mottey's Garage 328
May 29, 2018 09:37 AM PDT
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Anothr lost episode becaus I 'm a lazy poster......here' to trying to keep up

Mottey's Garage 327
April 20, 2018 03:03 PM PDT
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monsters / drug train
the experimental tropic blues band / i dig you much and more
the crumbs / alien girl
black sabbath / gypsy
lightning hopkins / come back baby
the troublemakers / i hope she's satisfied
tim timebomb and friends / lip up fatty
the skids/ kings of the new world order
the hentchmen / skylark
bleached / poison ivy
armitage shanks / another beer
baked goods / beach shirt
the devil dogs / its not easy
troubled boys / rock n roll is dead
automatic / no big deal
toys that kill / the nervous rock
the cavemen / lust for evil
the grizzly adams band / girls cant wait
shady and the vamp/ youre so loud
brimestone howl / like a dog
ugly miss piggy / kiss me piggy
wild wing / the hole
flemmings / the rats are back
peter and the test tube babies / silicone beer gut

Mottey's Garage 326
March 08, 2018 07:30 PM PST
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We Have Numbers

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Baby Please Dont Go
The Von Zippers / Kill the Guy
Sloming Moops / Lose Man

Druk Mums / owerslide
The Nips / All the time in the world
The Velvet Underground / We re gonna have a real good time together
The Shangais / too cool to cry

Kill the hippies / lazy sunday afternoon
black boys on mopeds / liar
datenight / add it up
tongue tied twin / safety rope

shannen and the clams / onion
joan jett / nag
the replacements / take me down to the hospital
the seeds / mr farmer

family pet / pissed
the makers / pants
piss test / no money
clown sounds / work and wait

groovie ghoulies / a new england
thee loose hounds / i live in a house
the leavings / not toay
th jackhammers / your problem now

the street cleaners / thats cool thats trash
the fabulous fairies / you can walk my dog
ist suicide / nora
the cowboys / thumbs

the piggies / wanna go to heaven
dark thoughts / pyscho ward
royal do / breaks
the radio buzzkill / i got fired

the sperts / cooked on you
the saints / this perfect day
duches and the duke / reservior park
the mouthbreathers / pedestrial
hasil adkins / i dont want nobody
swampmeat family band / long way down

gloria / heavy
neighborhood void / all strung out
modern pets / berlin beach
second in line / blanche
von k / up i torent

trashcat / flat lemonaide
chiller / agony
wire / mr suit
Lillintons / i dont think sh cares

Mottey's Garage 325
February 16, 2018 08:08 AM PST
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buzzcocks - autonomy
swamp rat - no friend of mine
frek genes - why dont you like me

the slow death - factory
the crumbs - win or loose
the wirms - brenda sue

the morbeats - same old shit
hollywood sinners - i want you
the fallouts - ambition
the hunches - like i could die

the bonnevilles - the poachers pocket
the bonnevilles - be my side
fernando and the narcs - heavy metal narcs
fezz - it;s alrights

nuns - world war iii
royal dog - thingy
bed weiing bad boys - plastic tears
action swingers - burn my trip

drunk mums - hotflash
the creeps - its not alright
bb king please - love me
chuck berry - almost grown
jeffrey blvd and the main drag - normal girl

rNr adventure kids - panties in my pocket
opertion - ivy bankshot

the chats - smoko
leopold and his fiction - shakey mama blues
shannon and the clams - the boy

the buzzards - tennessee
chiller - monophonic
the world war 1"s - the two things we ever had

terror watts - tough guy
vacation - teenage fool
ricky rat- tokyo pop
the leaving - liz

private function - i wish austraika had its guns again
shady and the vamp - never going to munich
sedatives - teenage runaway
incredible kidda band - too much to little to late
smacks - i wanna go home

Mottey's Garage 324
January 19, 2018 06:48 AM PST
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favs of 2017

songs of 2017

brad pot air strike

freak genes going wrong

uzis hippy killers

sarah shool & the disarmers keep the home fires burning

john wesley coleman shovel

bash and pop not this time

family pet i'm a bitch

the jins jin love

the slow death be the one

devious ones court clothes

jo carley and the old dry skulls preacher

the morbeats crushbug

the lillingtons insect nightmares

van damnes thunderbirds are go

jd mcpherson lucky penny

anti nowhere league singer man

the putz my baby and me

skip church then we kissed

jim and the french vanilla take it to the grave

ron gallo please yourself

lost balloon losing time

nightmen ahahahah

tv grime clocking out

black mambas vatican prayer

dion lunadon ripper

amyl and the sniffers i'm not a loser

bad hoo frontwards

bad nerves wasted day

charlie foxtrot super silver haze

chillers johnny rock

control freaks control freaks

dark thoughts why should i care

neighborhoo void bedroom blues

reiz autopilot

slopers urban champ

teenage bottlerocket why the big pause

the cavemen dog on a chain

the chinchees gosling days

the dixxx in your face

the pinheads second coming

the pitchafits cats pajamas

thee creeps personnel frankenstein

vacation lose interest

white trash kill the cool kids

the lupines julia

Mottey's Garage 323
December 09, 2017 04:55 PM PST
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the jins jin love the jins

flat worms goodbye texas flat worms

happy times c iko roll collection

van damnes every fourth year van damnes ep

fires radical 7inch

creepseed ad a feeling t e loneliest man you'll ever see

wood chickens full speed ahead

monsiuers suburban girls deux

jim and the french vanilla take it to the rave affraid of the house

dion lunadon ripper dion lunadon

les lullies bored sick done

zorton and the cannibals oogie boogie unfavourable offering

the gentlemens et on hobo hifi

death lens dookie skumba fuck this cs

choke chains galactric overlord

slopers urban champ slopers

bad boyfriends time waster songs yer mom tauht us
lotus eater live! from asshole liquor

royal pain get punched

bad hoo frontwards two tin cans and a lollipop

devious ones court clothes

charlie foxtrot the golden age wake and hate

sweet reaper rock alone streat sweeper

Mottey's Garage 322
October 22, 2017 07:26 AM PDT
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Broken laptop, took me awhile to get a new one...here's a show from a few months ago

Motteys Garage 321
August 30, 2017 06:48 AM PDT
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another late post from show two weeks ago
thee Evil Twin / MFers
Violent Femmes / I'm Nothing
Dictators / what goes on
Blitz / Vicious
Eater / Sweet Jane
Thee Creeps / Roach Ghost
The Minds /Open the Door
The Killing Floors / Se Fue Se Fue
Bird Songs / Imaginary Woe
High Tension Wires / Hibernate
Fells / Lets Go
Flat Worms / Motorbike
The Dirty Switches / Hishi Comes
Mind Controls / Paralized
Minor Threat / 12xu
Pist Idiots / Booze Blues
King Howl / Gone
The Slow Death / Panic
The Slow Death / Voice 47
The Slow Death / Classic Dilema
The Dixxx / In Your Face

Mottey's Garage 320
August 16, 2017 12:16 PM PDT
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ok, I recorded this for real punk radio, sent it in and was played...way back in may. Seems I lost it and never posted...now its posted...sorry no playlist as of now, but its labeled here as eppy 320, i state in the begining of show its 316, but i have the mp3 marked as 317...confused yet...yeah, me too.

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