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Motteys Garage 206 Trashcan 3
July 26, 2014 10:04 PM PDT
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More trash rock

Motteys Garage 205 Trashcan II
July 19, 2014 09:28 AM PDT
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More trash from Trash Can Radio

Check the station out its infancy

no schedule up yet but this was may 2nd show from a few weeks ago...will post more

Mottey's Garage 204 Black and Bluessss
July 15, 2014 07:23 PM PDT
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Black and Blues

Reverend Robert Ballinger the little Black Train
Limones Negros Baby Come Back to Me
Died Pretty Mirrow Blues Pt 1

Nirvana Aint It a Shame
Chandler and Chase Promised Land
Jerry Boogie Mc Cain I want Somebody t Love
Speedball Baby TB Sheets

Chuck Violence On Your Side
Danko Jones I Stand Accused
OBN IIIs No Time for the Blues

Dex Romweber Duo Long Battle Coming
Chicken Diamond Wild Blood Confusion
Xtreme Blues Dog The Train

New York Wannabies Heading South
hogboy Come back baby
The Floors Aileen

James Legg O Sinnerman

Mottey's Garage 203 iNTRODUCING tRASH cAN rADIO
June 30, 2014 06:33 PM PDT
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WIll be doing a show on trash Can Radio ....check it out

Motteys Garage Glamcast 202
June 21, 2014 04:20 PM PDT
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The Boys of summer love their glam

gLAM GLAM glam

Motordam Ballroon Blitz Lemmy's Damage Case
Cockney Rejects Bockbuster Greatest Hits II
Hello 99 Ways Hello
The Flys Me and My Buddies Bunch of Five ep
Faz Waltz Looking For a Ghost Back on Mondo
The Sirens Diversion The Sirens
Mott the Hoople Crash Street Kids
The Cry! Discoteque
The Shazam Helen Wheels The Shazam
Sham 69 The Kids Are United Adventures of the Hersham Boys
Slade I'm a Rocker Rockers
Richmond Peaches
Screaming Sneakers Violent Screaming Sneakers
Slaughter and the Dogs Quick Joey Small Do It Dog Style
Velvet Revolver Cant Get You Out of My Head (elo)
Loose Lips All girls...I love You
Milky Edwards Starman (bowie) Starman
T-Rextasy Cigarettes and Alcohol

Mottey's Garage 201 FlimFlam Man
June 08, 2014 04:21 PM PDT
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Dirt Bombs She Played me like a Booger if you dont already have a look
The Motards Gotta Get Drunk Rock Kids
The Skunks Gimme Some 6 song ep
Evil Sons No Bad Luck 7 inch w/Ive Gotta Knife
Little Killers Mellow Down Easy You Got it Made 7"
Roy Gaines Skippy Sin AlleyVol 1

The Rich Hands Bad Girl The Rich Hands Girl ep
The Highschool Rockers Get Drunk
Yellowteeth Body in the Ocean Rat King Comp.
Brimstone Howl Kenny Magic Hour

Frankie and Jimmy The Midnight Special lp Appetizer
Real Mccoy Quick Joey Small Round the Green Tree
Danko Jones Rock n Roll Is Blackn Blue Lost songs 1996-1998
Danny& the Darleans Cant Kill the Rooster Danny & the Darleans
Trash Stranglers Pinstripe Willie Static Party! Tribute to Oblivians

Unnatural Helpers Picture Book God Save the Kinks
Johnny Wont Go to Heaven Zodiac Killers The LasVegas Shakedown va
The Frights Tommys $20
The Stranglers London lady Safety Pin in My heart
the humpers rocket reducer no.62 war is hell
Cheat Sheat How Come Your a Hit with the Boys Cheat Sheat ep

Mottey's Garage 200 Plus
May 10, 2014 06:31 PM PDT
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Blast a planet of reruns, newbies and covers...

Hard Ons Rock N Roll All Nite Smell My Finger
Gaza Strippers Sheer Heart Attack Desk of Dr. Freepill
Neil Diamond I'm A Believer
The Jim Jones Reveu Collision Boogie
Pagans Heart of Stone Everybody Hates You
New Bomb Turks Summer Romance Pissing OUt the Poison
Armitage Shanks GlC Sing & Play Punk Classics
Personal and the Pizzas Bore Out of My Brains 7 Inch
Lee Harvey Oswald Locomotion A Taste of Prison
American Sharks Overdrive American Sharks
12xU Transparent Les Grandes Marees
Ming City Rockers Twist It 7 inch
Traumahelikopter Ever Time I Close My Eyes I Dont Understand Them at All
The Plain Dealers Girls Go Bye The Plain Dealers
Sharp Objects Night Patrol Sharp Objects
The Hemingers (do the) Drop Out 7 inch
Die Totem Hosen Born to Loose Tribute
Ramones Bonzo Goes to Bitburg 7 inch
Marked Men Fix My Brain Live in Bucine
one more song before its over...

Mottey's Garage 199 Elvis is King
April 11, 2014 01:25 PM PDT
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Mottey's Garage 198 Dead Paul
March 26, 2014 02:35 PM PDT
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Paul's Dead, been dead for quite awhile...who would of thunked it.

the heat tape rich man raccoon valley recordings
the cheaters its alright the cheaters
the copyrights Carmelito Shits Fucked

Snake Finger 2 Flight of Navigator
The Konks Beat of Your Heart Bomp Rec. Tribute
Supercharger Wayout Goes Way Out

Victim I need You 7Inch
Shitty Limits Messin with the Kid & inch
Linda Gayle Maggies Farm Girls in the Garage

Stud Cole Burn Baby Burn
Dogmatics Tell Me '81-86
The Clash Janie Jones The Clash

The Jack Shits Lets Go The Jack Shits
Shang a Lang Nasty Weather Sad Magic
Radioactivity Other Life Radioactivity
The Ridgelands Anti Hero Sexy Bombs Across the Wasteland
The Dirty Nil Nicotine
The Limit Please Please Me

Dead Kennedy's Back in the USSR

Mottey's Garage 197 Smokie Blues
February 27, 2014 12:51 PM PST
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a Blues punk epi prepared in the mountains

white stripes stop breaking down
rl burnside going down south a ass pocket
the immortal lee county killers thats how strong my love is love is a charm
the floors bo creak dead beat
johnny hoodoo blue moon of kentucky at my house

black mekon black mekon must die the astounding freak party
gibson brothers broke down engine man who loved couch dancing
tongue tied twin not for sale travel alone winterthur in switzerland

the dad horse expierience the moonshiner
7 horse meth lab zoso sticker
the ufo club o didley was the seventh son

the jack shits you dont know
the hartes It;l come to you
cc riders train kept a rollin

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